Microsoft Excel is Microsoft’s spreadsheet application. Excel enables users to perform various types of tasks, including calculation, pivot tools, graphic tools, and macro programming languages. You can create graphs and charts that help you visualize and analyze the data.

It’s tuned out to be a one of the most popular tools in business today, so it’s a smart thought for you to know least the basics. Nowadays, Microsoft even has Mobile Excel applications for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. User can impart spreadsheets to partners that can be access to from the workplace.

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Microsoft Excel Basics: The Ribbon and its tabs

In this article, advance excel training in Chandigarh cover the main functions in the Ribbon, which is what the main menu bar in Excel is called. Items in the ribbon have groups of icons that do the same function. These include:

  • File
  • Home
  • Insert
  • Page Layout
  • Formulas
  • Data
  • Review
  • View


The File menu is the furthest left thing in the Excel ribbon. The File ribbon items enable you to perform document the management functions, including open, spare, close, and print. You additionally utilize the File menu to import from external sources into Excel, alongside alternatives that enable you to change Excel itself.

PRO Tip: The File menu does not show up as a ribbon in Excel for Mac. Rather, the File menu shows up in the Application Menu Bar.


The Home menu is the second menu bar in the Excel. The Home ribbon items include choices for arranging text style, color, conditional formatting, filter, number type, and more. Every one of these functions help one in performing different effective calculations.

Pro Tip: Try the Format Painter. It enables you to duplicate the formatting from one cell then onto the next, which can be a great time saver.


As the name proposes, the Insert menu encourages you embed different choices and items into an Excel spreadsheet. You can insert an assortment of things differ from pivot table to picture, clip art, shapes, screen shots, diagrams and charts, header and footer, equation, and then some.

Pro Tip: You can likewise insert hyperlinks and even maps utilizing the Insert menu.

Microsoft Excel Basics: The Ribbon

Page Layout

Once more, the name recommends the collection of functions on the Page Layout menu. You’ll see numerous choices for configures pages for viewing and printing—including page size, margin, colors and textual styles, etc. You can likewise customize cell height and width on the Page Layout menu.

Pro Tip: You can add a foundation to a collection of cells—or even your whole spreadsheet. Simply click Background and select the picture you want to use.


The Formulas menu is the place you discover all the calculating alternatives. Excel comes lots of formula including financial, sensible, text, date and time, query and reference, and math and trigonometry.

Pro Tip: You can name cells or scopes of cells—this can make it easier modify your formula.


The Data menu likewise contains numerous critical functions in Excel, include imports and associations with databases. You additionally get to the sort, filter, remove duplicates, data validation,, information approval, group, ungroup, and subtotal functions on the Data menu.

Pro Tip: Use the Data Validation functions to guarantee consistency in cells.


earlier in this article, advance excel expert referenced Excel’s capacity to collaborate on spreadsheets. The Review menu is the place huge numbers of those task take place. You can make remarks in cells for your associates, check spelling, track changes, and even confine authorization utilizing things in the Review menu.


On the View menu, you customized the manner in which spreadsheets show up on your screen. Option include showing displaying grid line between cells, flipping the formula bar and headings, and more. This menu additionally gives you choices to view and record macros, too—macros let you record regular advances you perform so you don’t need to repeat the similar things again and again!


Excel is useful to utilize, regardless of whether you’re an office worker, a homemaker, or an data analyst. Realizing the basics can enable you manage budgets, create what-if scenarios and whatever else you can think about that utilizes numbers.

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