6 Reasons to Learn Android Development – We are in an era where Google’s Android operating system has entered the nook and corner of the world. On one side there is the current OTA (over-the-air) refresh of its most recent Android Lollipop for all Nexus and Motorola phones and on the other the next version of Android 5.1 (lollipop- II) had been taken off.

So what’s in for hopeful Android developers? Why begin with Android with regards to application development?

Here are some interesting 6 reasons to learn Android development:

Open source code – Make what you want

The most important thing about the Android operating system is that it’s open source.

More than previously, a lot of electronic makers like Samsung, HTC and Asus have access to the code which makes it simple for them to utilize it in their smartphones.

According to IDC, the worldwide offer of Android in Smartphones is going to maximum in 2015! Here is a detailed forecast:

Since a great deal of Android device are getting progressively productive and affordable, the extent of the market is relied upon to develop. This goes to the extent where different version of Android itself have been taken off through organizations like Cyanogen which taken off Cyanogenmod.


Google Play Store– The Huge App Market

Each since Google revealed its play store, the delight of experiencing application has just multiplied tenfold. In the past we as a whole admired the iTunes store from Apple and once in a while getting an iphone was almost impossible. Be that as it may, with the Google play store and Android smartphones access to applications has turned out to be so natural for all.

Let’s look at some numbers…

  • Android is the essential OS for 300 Smartphones, 90 Tablets and 6 E-Readers
  • Ordinary around 1.5 million Android devices are initiated over the globe.
  • There are more than 1,460,800 applications in Google Play store and developing!
  • Over 60% of Android applications are for free!

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Booming Job Prospects

As Android gives a interesting income display, a lot of associations have a devoted group for application development with hiring getting pace. The one of a kind advantage of learning application development is that learner can work or freelancer. Likewise, when that individual experts developing applications through Android it becomes out to be anything but difficult to create applications for other operating systems!

The graph below is only an assumptions of an individual knowing about Java and where he/she could go from that point.

Here it clearly show that application development is one of the promising career ways for experts who simply love making applications.

Revenue Model

Did you realize that the costliest application in Google play store is the Abu Moto collection application for $200! Strange yet true. This application is particularly made for rich individuals. A greater amount of that later, however the way that Google enables developer to price their applications in the Google play store even at such more expensive rates makes it quite rewarding.

Imagine that you are making an application for generally $1 and you dispatch it in Google and there are over 1.5 million Android devices activated every day! What amount would you be able to make regardless of whether 1% of the total Android user downloaded your application? You figure it out…

$1 X 1% X 1.5 Million = $15,000 !

Different Models of Payment:

App Download – Once the application is launched in the Google play store, the application developer can settle a cost for the application and post download, Google will pay out after deducting play store charges.

Ad-Revenue – This model is very normal for free applications where Google will pay out to developers in return for putting promotions in the application. A great deal of developers have profited from this model.

Penetration on Different devices

Android is all over the place. Let’s be honest. recently, the Moto 360 got launched to rival Apple Smartwatch and afterward there is the Google glass powered by the Android operating system. Amazingly, the total number of Android devices sold is 1,175,450,000!

Some of the supported devices include smart TV, smartphone, tablet, portable media player, camera, VoIP phone, video game player, car DVD player, smartwatch and even drones …

What’s in for the Android developer?

It’s basic. Diverse devices offer distinctive chances! Smart TV clients for instance will have different desire in comparison to Smartphone users with regards to applications. Taking signal from this little knowledge, application developers can launch applications for each kind of client portion consequently enlarging their base and expanding their revenue many times.

Gradual Learning Curve

There is a lot of restriction among Android application developers over what they have to realize so as to create Android applications. One needs to agree that the individual must be imaginative, identify opportunities in the market and grow new thoughts. In any case, aside from that, here are some critical skills:

Java – It’s essential to know Java because android applications have Java coding in it.

XML – Secondly, XML is the second most essential skills for Android application development since it enables you to work away at the application layout and design.

Here is how it works :

  • Learn Java/XML
  • Install IDE
  • Start Coding
  • Test and Launch

Obviously, the means are not quite simple and some minor advances are excluded, yet this will give you a brief picture. For any application developer its first vital to concentrate on google’s android operating system since it offers a huge market where anybody can be a piece of this developing story and instant recognitions for your skills is only a stone discard with android.

In the above there are you six reasons to learn about Android development application development.  For more details you can click here this link Android training in Chandigarh

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