Linux is free, An OpenSource operating system comes with many free software and does not require antivirus but this sentence can not answer the question only “Why Learn Linux?” Most people who are using any type of computer now can not feel the need to learn Linux even after being a hardcore developer.

But learning Linux is always a better option because if you feel comfortable with it, you do not need to buy any operating system licenses like Windows. The reason alone is not necessarily the reason, to learn linux?

Let’s discuss some points that will clear your mind and answer your query.“Why Learn Linux ?”

1: Linux is  secure :

Viruses, spyware, Trozan horses are familiar with each Windows and Mac users. Its advantage over Linux is because it is highly secure and less prone to viruses. If you have Linux, you do not have to worry about updating the antivirus and removing the virus content. It’s one of the safest and secure safe OS around. From device / files to program, access mechanism, secure message, you name it.

Unix was written from the beginning with the idea that many people will use computers simultaneously. Multi-user, multi-work was available from the beginning

2:Linux is almost everywhere

Linux is used in the world’s fastest supercomputer. From all the OS’, Linux runs on most diverse hardware (computer architecture). Approximately personal server desktops and laptops, web server and data center runs on Linux. Internet architecture is incomplete without talking about Linux.

3: Linux community

Linux is a community, yes you’ve heard it right. If you want to learn Linux or just want to use it or want to become a Pro Linux Developer. There is already a community to help you with doubts and answers to all your questions. You can workplace where you can work with Linux developers to share knowledge. You can become part of a terrible community of both beginners and experts who are using Linux to differentiate the world.

4: career opportunities after Linux training

If you have Linux in your resume as your skill set, then a large number of opportunities open up for you. You can be a Linux Developer, Linux Administrator etc in top some MNC’s.

5: An opensource softwares.

Now you can forget about spending thousands of dollars on buying and upgrading software licenses. Whatever you want to do? If you are using linux for personal use then you have VLC, Chrome, photoeditors, Video editors, filemanagers, open office etc completely free just a download away.

Or if you are a pro developer then it is also a great working environment, you have to learn and develop in your stacks of development. Unlike Windows or Mac, you are not dependent on UI, you get TI how everything works. If you are a Java developer or C or any other programming language, you will have experience on how everything works on the core.

6: Linux can run on minimum hardware requirements.

Yes, you read it right! Even if you got 256 MB of RAM (Random Access Memory) and an old desktop with your Grenades with at least 10 GB or 5 GB hard disk, you can still run Linux on that hardware, right? Do not be surprised but you can also boot from Linux with a cheap memory card or pen drive.
If you are learning or using Linux for personal or business use, believe me, you have chosen the right choice.

When I started learning Linux, he gave me really hard times to start. I started with Ubuntu and were not much of the stable options. My good working Linux broke many times with many unknown commands I used to experiment. Still remember an event, I completely removed the off-course user interface from Ubuntu.

So if you have made up your mind and have started learning Linux then be patient and do not switch completely to Linux at the beginning.You can use both Linux & Windows with dual boot. So if something goes wrong or you get frustrated you still have your windows running and safe.Because I was playing with random commands that gave me a sense of saving the world as in movies. Then by chance everything was over and I could see that there was a black terminal and there was no GUI. I still remember the Sudo apt-purge port Ubuntu-desktop command, you should try it sometimes, not really!

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