Tally vs QuickBooks

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is Tally software?
  • What is QuickBooks software?
  • Tally vs QuickBooks
  • Accounting training in Chandigarh
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Introduction to Tally vs QuickBooks

Innumerable companies are working in the world right now and all of them, need good accounting teams that can handle the company’s account without any mistakes. Many individuals apply for the posts of accounting experts via online job-finding websites like LinkedIn but the market has grown now and companies want faster and time-saving methods for accounting.

That’s why software solutions like Tally and QuickBooks were introduced in the market. However, people needed time-saving accounting solutions and that’s what they would get. Both Tally and QuickBooks are highly popular accounting software systems that are used by millions of companies these days. Moreover, these accounting software systems provide easy and fast calculations related to businesses of any size.

Today, with this article we will try to find out the importance of these software solutions. Also, we will try to know about the difference between the Tally software and the QuickBooks software. So, let us start with the topic right away.

What is Tally software?

One of the most used software in the Indian business landscape is the Tally Prime software. We should be proud of using this software because it was developed by an Indian tech solutions company called Tally Solutions. Its uses and features can fill a long list but the company’s financial reporting, taxation compliance and offline accounting capabilities are some of Tally’s shining features.

What is QuickBooks software?

QuickBooks is a similar accounting software that businesses can customize according to their specific needs. Furthermore, it has now become a global acronym for precise accounting solutions. Although, getting a certification from a reputed institute in QuickBooks can make your resume shine in comparison with others as almost all the businesses in the world today are shifting all their offline accounting techniques and replacing them with newer, more accurate and easier-to-use software solutions like QuickBooks. It also boasts of highly diverse software as it can take care of almost all the requirements of the accounting department from payroll management to inventory management and from annual revenue reports to automatic invoicing.

Tally vs QuickBooks:

Both Tally Prime and QuickBooks are two of the best accounting software systems used for accounting across the globe these days. There are some pros and cons to both software systems. Nonetheless, both these software solutions have given immense relief to many businessmen in the world. Historically, there used to be people sitting with registers and calculators to calculate the losses and profits of the company and other expenses and income.


Tally as a software is highly accurate and dependable. But one of the main setbacks for Tally is that it can only be used for businesses of smaller sizes. However, its design and upfront interface are what make it popular with a larger Indian user base which likes simplicity over technology. Also, Many companies often prioritize the ability to perform operations without Internet access as one of the most important features. Offline accounting using Tally can be much easier.


QuickBooks on the other hand, is a software solution that doesn’t care about the size of the organisation. However, it can easily integrate with any business in the world and take care of the entire accounting system of businesses. It also has a simple user interface but there are some features other than its variety of use that may be noteworthy. The accessibility factor in QuickBooks is one of the key factors why it is becoming popular these days. With its cloud connectivity, any company accounting staffer can easily access company documents from anywhere in the world at any given point in time. This makes work from home or remote work easily possible using the QuickBooks software.

There are many other differences worth mentioning here. Moreover, the table given below will tell you about all the other differences:

User InterfaceTally was created to simplify small businesses’ accounting needs using a software system. Its user interface is one of the simplest to manoeuvreThe QuickBooks software has a similar, easy-to-use but much more user-friendly interface. It is popular among businesses of all sizes in the international market.  
Ease of UseTally is one of the easiest software solutions to use in today’s business culture. It has a straightforward design that is made just to take care of all the accounting requirements of a small organisation.Simple yet more technologically inclined than Tally. One needs to be knowledgeable about accounting as well as the correct usage of the software solution to master QuickBooks.
Offline CapabilityAs it is an accounting software, it is a plus for Tally that it provides the best offline usage for any accounting software.Offers both offline and cloud-based solutions for companies. This provides flexibility in the usage of QuickBooks.
ScalabilityAs mentioned above, Tally is best suited for businesses of small or medium sizes.Can be used in all organisations irrelevant of their size and their working models.
Features and FunctionalityFinance reporting, payroll management and inventory management are some of its main features.Features of this software include automation of tasks like invoicing, expense monitoring and adjusting, and payroll management.
Cloud-Based SolutionsCloud-based functions are absent in Tally software which gives it a disadvantage as many businesses need constant cloud access and support.On the other hand, QuickBooks offers both desktop and cloud-based versions which promotes accessibility and collaboration at a much higher level for businesses that need constant connections.
CustomizationTally offers very few customisation options to the user.User can customise the QuickBooks software according to their business requirements.
Target AudienceThe initial target audience of Tally was small businesses. but slowly and steadily, tally Prime is venturing into medium-sized businesses as well.Can be used for businesses of all sizes as it provides more features and higher compatibility.
Training and EducationTally Prime is a software that is being used in various institutes in Chandigarh and it is preferred because of its simplicity aThis software is also used in detailed accounting courses. It is taught as a different software and accounting students who specialise in using QuickBooks are always high in demand.

Conclusion of Tally vs QuickBooks

In conclusion, Big and small businesses commonly use Tally Prime and QuickBooks as their accounting software solutions in today’s day and age. We can clearly see the importance of these software solutions and the impact they have on the business community of India as well as the world. The Indian business market uses Tally more than QuickBooks, with several reasons mentioned in the article above. However, Tally works best if used in small to medium-sized businesses. Furthermore, For large businesses and corporations, QuickBooks can serve as their go-to accounting software solution. Although, One cannot overstate the importance of accounting software. Whether in Chandigarh or any other region of India, the right accounting training equips professionals with the skills needed to navigate the complexities of Tally and QuickBooks Course, contributing to the efficient financial management of businesses.


  • Which software is better for small businesses, Tally, or QuickBooks?

Tally and QuickBooks, both are suitable for small businesses, but the choice depends on specific needs. Know Tally for simplicity and offline functionality, while QuickBooks offers a broader range of features and scalability. The choice depends on the users.

  • Can Tally be used offline, and how does it compare to QuickBooks in this aspect?

Yes, of course Tally can be used offline. QuickBooks, on the other hand, offers both offline and cloud-based solutions, providing flexibility for users who prefer working online.

  • What are the key features of Tally that distinguish it from QuickBooks?

Recognize Tally for its robust financial reporting, inventory management, and taxation compliance. While QuickBooks also excels in these areas, Tally’s simplicity and offline capabilities make it a strong choice for specific business needs.

  • Can QuickBooks be customized to suit the specific needs of my business?

Yes, of course QuickBooks offers customization options to tailor the software to your business needs.

  • What support and resources are available for users of Tally and QuickBooks, respectively?

Both Tally as well as QuickBooks provide user support, including documentation, tutorials, and customer service. QuickBooks, with its extensive user base, also benefits from a vast online community, and forums.