• When we generate, update, or plan any website, we call it Web Designing.
  • As the builder of builder has to make the building, in the same way, Web Designer’s effort is to be created.
  • Two Types Of Web design – Front End Web Design and Back End Web.

    Front-End Web Design:

    As the name suggests, Front End Web Design drop in front, i.e. from the part that is clear to the user. When we open any website, whatever appears in front of us is the work of Front End designer. Our aim from Front End Web Designing is not just to adorn the website, through web designing, we have to keep in mind what to add to what makes guests coming to our website, not an issue. If we compare it with a car then the work of Front End designer is to beautify the car, it does not make sense with the engine, the battery engine indoors the car is the job of all the Back End builders.

    Back End Web Developer:

    Web Developer makes the minds of the site, with the end goal that in the event that a shape is rounded out on the site, who should achieve it, in the event that somebody enters the ID/secret phrase, what sort of profile should open such things. Crafted by the Back End Developer isn’t noticeable to the guest, yet without the advancement, an extraordinary site can not be made.

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  • What to learn to become a Web Designer?

    Front hand  Web Design and Back End Web Development should be both information to become a good Web Designer.

    What to Learn for Front-End Design?

    First, we start with Front End Designing.

    Photoshop Basics :

    Just like we build a map from the architecture to build the house, in the same way before designing the website, we should have an idea that the website will look like. Numerous individuals plan the whole site on a great deal of photoshop, however the individuals who are specialists do make Photoshop just to make a diagram or model.

    HTML :

    HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language HTML is a markup language used to create a website structure. HTML is a dialect that is written as code.

    CSS :

    CSS means Cascading Style Sheet. HTML is used to give format to our website and on the other hand, CSS is used to design the format of our HTML, it is used to give the style to our design.


    Here we start programming completely. HTML / CSS creates our website, but JS is used to make the design interactive. With collective I mean, if you click on the Friend request icon on Facebook, a bubble down opens below. JavaScript detects what the user has completed on your website and gives to that action, it changes the design. At the point when the pictures are moving around on a site then JavaScript pivots them. HTML and CSS can generate a really good Static Website. In the event that you simply learned Photoshop, HTML, and CSS, you can discover work in an IT organization and make a decent site.

    What to Learn for Front-End Design?

    With HTML / CSS / JS you can create a static website, but you can not create features like hum database entry, login, and Register in a static website.


    In any case, numerous dialects ​​can be kept running on the backend, however initially learning PHP is simple. PHP is incredible and can make each component perform. Facebook was built on PHP only.

    Learning PHP is also beneficial because it allows us to create a website for less money. With this we can also learn to design a web site on WordPress, the world’s largest website and blogs are made on WordPress, so learning PHP will make it easier for you to create WordPress.


    When we make an ID on Facebook or watch a video on YouTube So this is the place every one of information is put away, we call Database. The most ordinarily utilized information is MySQL, in the wake of learning it, you can likewise store the logos of information on your site. Languages ​​like PHP are being utilized to store anything in a database like MySQL.

    Web Designing is a skill that will be very demanding in the future. Hard work will be done to go to the Expert level. But for hard work, only poverty has been written in life.

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