choosing the right platform to manufacture your first application is a half of achievement. Do you know that each fourth user (about 23%) leave an application after a single use? You would prefer not to have such an experience, isn’t that so? You can bring down risk by obviously characterizing your aims, audience and resources. Yet, it is additionally vital to know fundamental differences of Android and iOS stages. Would you like to get the most recent information on this topic? Follow us!

IOS vs Android Development: Which Is to Select?

By the start of 2017, iOS and Android share an incredible bit of the mobile market – 96%, leaving all other operating system far behind. In any case, you need to pick out of this 2 variations in any case. Interesting fact:  Instagram, first begin on iOS in 2010, became accessible for Android users only 4 years after the fact, in 2014.

For both platforms, it is better to create an app at the same time, but there are some reasons to do so:

It’s risky. No one can tell whether your users will like your application or not, so it’s better to test it in one of the markets at first.

“Well,” you can answer, “So who should I choose?” I hope the comparison of our Android and iOS is the best answer to this question! Look at the complexity of both platforms and find their strengths and weak point.

Android vs iOS Development: Which Platform is Better?

Business aspects of iOS vs. Android development: Do not miss pieces of pie!

What do you need your application to resemble? You need it to be gainful and popular, beyond any doubt. What’s more, trust it or not, it also depends upon the platform you have chosen. How? How about we have a more intensive look!

1. Market share and number of users

5 years back, in 2012, Android with its 21.5% offer of the world’s mobile market would appear a looser contrasting with iOS 61%. Presently, over only a half of decade, the circumstance has significantly changed.

2017 Android is 64% of the world’s mobile market, which is twice that of iOS (32%). Numbers represent themselves.

Obviously, you ought to also consider other statistical details, yet have 2 possible user rather than 1, would it say it isn’t extraordinary? So in the first round of Android versus iOS development one point goes to Android.

2. Average revenue

You need your application to be well known as well as productive? Everybody needs! You may think, if Android has a greater bit of the pie, it additionally has a bigger income or larger avenue. And that’s where you are wrong.

With the 82% development in net revenue amid 2016, Android still remains behind iOS (which has developed by 60% during the most recent year). The difference is quite obvious: having a half the same number of users, Apple App Store got relatively 64% more revenue.

The income of Android’s Google Play and Apple’s App Store

Numbers talk. Once more. One point goes to iOS.


It might appear obvious that Android has more application downloads than iOS. “What does it say to me?” you may inquire. Possibly Android versus iOS applications revenue comparison looks progressively appealing for you, yet the fact of the matter is that Android applications collect more cash from advertisements. More downloads mean more users. More users mean more benefit from advertisements. It’s as basic as that!

Technical aspects: how to avoid difficulties?

When choosing a platform for a mobile app, you should also consider technical factors. They will help you understand how is cheap, easy and fast.

1. Development complexity

With regards to the development complication of an Android application versus iOS application, Android loses. What’s more, we may not in any case think about differences in the programming language. The primary difficulty lies in the dissolution.

Apple has the set number of devices running on iOS: iPhone, iPod and iPad. Additionally, the latest measurements appears, that over half of users refreshed their operating system to the most recent version (iOS 11) during the first 3 weeks after the release. Presently this number is as high as 80%.

iOS designers need to manufacture an application just for the newest operating system version

It makes lives of iOS developers simpler. A development improvement procedure flow faster of the fact that you need to create your application for a restricted scope of device and operating system.

But if we talk about Android, it’s only a wreck. There are many cell phones and tablets on Android with various screen sizes and perspective proportions. It implies your application ought to be appropriate for every one of them. Or possibly for the greatest part.

A similar thing is about operating system. Here you can’t discover any, which is utilized by over half of Android device owners. What’s more, it implies that you again need to consider this distinction while building your application.

2. Development time

After reading the previous, it might be anything but difficult to think about what stage you will invest more time in building your application. Indeed, it’s Android. What’s more, yes once more, as a result of its discontinuity. So when contrasting an Android developer versus iOS designer, the last one has less work to do.

Android Studio is a usual “workplace” for Android developer

Some say it takes 30-40% longer for Android designers to make a mobile application even despite not very difficult programming language (for Android developer use Java or Kotlin, for iOS – Objective-C/Swift). What’s more, we’re trying to spare our time and right, isn’t that so?

3. Development costs

This is the important question for every developer, yet it has no reasonable answer. What’s more, that is the reason:

On the other hand, building an Android application is all the more expensive because of a greater number of operating system and devices you’ll have to design for. In any case, Android Studio (application for Android applications development) can be installed on any modern Computer

Then again, Xcode, which is required for structuring iOS applications, is accessible just for Mac, so you should get one alongside iPhone or iPad. Also, it will cost you a pretty penny.

4. Publishing

Till now it appeared that iOS applications are simpler, quicker and somewhat less expensive to design. Yet, even when your application is done and prepared to conquer users everywhere throughout the world, there is one essential step left – distributing to the application store.

Google Play Store gives you a chance to transfer your application for a one off  $25 payment and without a long and strict approval process. Infact, your mobile application will be accessible inside a few hours. You can also easily and openly run a live beta test or refresh it. There’s nothing more to it!

In any case, even when your application is done and prepared to overcome users everywhere throughout the world, there is one imperative step left – distributing to the application store.

Be that as it may, in the event that you are searching for a long and stimulate “experience”, you should Choose iOS. In any case, reconsider. Each application and even refresh in App Store experiences a strict approval process by people. What’s more, it might end not to support you, which will effort wasted.  The main way out is to attempt again and again, until your application is affirmed.

What’s more, one additionally thing: rather than on-off $25 payment in Google Play, Apple App Store set up $100 yearly expense.

In this Android versus iOS improvement duel Android is the evident winner.

In any case, actually, nobody is the champ. Every stage has its very own advantages and disadvantages, and their significance may change as per your needs.

Be that as it may, there is something else which can help you. It’s constantly critical to know your target audience and to design a mobile application as according to its preferences, interests and different attributes. So here is a general picture of iOS and Android users.

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Case study

We additionally chose to give you a few clues, which will assist you with choosing the correct variation between iOS versus Android development specifically for your projects. So here are the most popular questions and answers provided by Android training in Chandigarh.

Question 1. Which platform should I choose to create e-commerce app or to create a food distribution app?

Answer: IOS, because its users have high revenue on average and spend more money in mobile apps.

Question 2. Which platform should I choose if I want to make profit from in-app ads?

Answer: Surely Android, because there are twice as many users in it, who are more inclined to see the ad.

Question 3. Which platform is better for designing mobile games?

Answer: Game App Store is the most popular category in both, but on Android, this app has 90% of all revenues, while for iOS 75%. This means Android is much better.


The wrestle Android versus iOS appears to end up significantly harder. Most likely, that every platform has its advantages and disadvantages. Besides, if the one was perfect, for what reason would we require the second?

In order to aggregate up how about we investigate the solid and powerless purposes of these two platform:


Advantages of Android development Disadvantages of Android development:
  • Bigger market;
  • Due to fragmentation, the app is long and difficult to design;
  • More app downloads;
  • More expensive;
  • Faster and less restrictive publication process;
  • Android apps get less revenue on the average;
  • Higher revenue from in-app ads.
  • More potential bugs.


What about iOS?


Advantages of iOS app development: Disadvantages of iOS app development:
  • Easier, faster and cheaper building process;
  • iOS has twice fewer users;
  • Solid market share in the USA and Europe;
  • More difficult to publish an app;
  • Brings more revenue on the average;
  • You have to buy Mac and iPhone or iPad;
  • Apps have fewer bugs.
  • Apps bring less revenue from in-app ads.


So as should be obvious there is no all inclusive answer for any case. You should thoroughly consider all perspectives previously making the final choice. We are certain that you won’t fail. What’s more, we Hope that this article conveyed you one step nearer to your success.

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