Microsoft Word is a modern word processing application program/packages specially designed for performing different word processing task, for example, typing, editing and printing out of textual information. It permits sufficient control over the creation and introduction of the typographic work. Microsoft Word additionally offers facilities for fundamental graphic design, factual report of a document, spelling and grammar checking tasks, etc. These and various different features and offices Word offers make it standout  among word processing programs, and in addition have the effect among it and other mechanical devices for word processing (e.g. typewriter).

What is the importance of Microsoft Word?

Importance of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a effective tool for making a all kind of documents like letters, updates, reports, research projects, and typesetting books and magazines, and so on.

Microsoft Word offers you specialized tools for designing your document in different ways; perform spelling and language structure check to produce standard and mistake free document; in-assembled thesaurus for finding proper equivalent words to replace repetitive words/phrases; word count include for a statistical report of your document; drawing and graphic editing tools to include a touch of pictures to run with your document; sounds and video dealing with devices to add multimedia features to a document; various wizards and devices for making and allowance bring faxes, form letters, names and envelopes, and so forth.

Microsoft Word is exceedingly helpful for making content of extensive volume.

You can undoubtedly make and keep up mailing lists, make personalized document and create newsletter in Word.

It additionally help you send document to a gathering of individuals for feedback.

Word gives customized assistance with numerous ways.

With Word, you can import files from different programs and use them in your archives.

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Benefits of Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft is a graphical word processing program that user can type with. It is made by the computer organization Microsoft. The purpose of the MS Word is to enable the users to type and save document. Like other word processors, it has supportive tools to make document. Microsoft word, regularly called as word, conveys with it a lot of advantages. We should talk about it shortly more detail.

It’s the most popular word processing program on the world. A standout amongst the most obvious advantages is its accessibility. Every window users are install the Microsoft Suite on their computer system.

It is accessible and utilized on every common Computer. Microsoft word is utilized to save document. The document can be copied to flash drive which fills in as an external memory for your Computer. This enables you to utilize the saved document advantageously taking with you anyplace.

Another essential benefit which is gained from utilizing Microsoft Word is it enables the users to make distinctive format in accordance as per the need and significance. In addition enabling you to make create simple document for business correspondence, it encourages you extraordinarily to make and design business cards, new letters and a lot more things that are required. Additionally, the utilization of text styles, shapes, clip art , Charts has its own significance and value.


There are times when users need to coordinate Microsoft Word with different programs also, for example, utilizing Excel tables, lines and columns. For instance, in the event that you have made a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel and you need to show on your required document for a specific reason. You can do this effectively by pasting the saved worksheet on the document. Essentially, PowerPoint can likewise be coordinated with Microsoft Word for specific purposes. When working in slide sorter perspective of PowerPoint, small scale forms of the slides called thumbnails are shown. A thumbnail is the term used to describe a small version of a slide or picture. Along these lines, changing over a PowerPoint presentation to a word report will be simple. This enables you to give handouts of the introductions to the audience.

Although it might appear as the word can’t enable you to out to settle every single grammatical mistake and there are still things to be viewed as dependent on grammar and syntax, still it merits utilizing as far as checking the spellings and concentrating on punctuation. Spelling check include in Microsoft word encourages you to correct the spellings in your document. What’s more, you can settle the punctuation errors also. At this stage, it is essential to make reference to that occasionally it is recommended differently from what grammatical structure you need to include your document. It is along these lines vital to consider properly before you accept the proposed structure or punctuation in your document.

An extremely important feature of Microsoft word which is extremely valuable for different reasons for existing is that it has Navigation sheet at the best. It is a visual representation of numerous functions. It is the place you can choose diverse functions relying upon your need and make utilization of it helpfully.

Nearly every profession in the world  ought to have some utilization of Microsoft word. Individuals who use Microsoft Word will in general have a less demanding time than the individuals who come up short on this item. It helps in all the expert requirement relating with business correspondence by reducing the time, effort, and energy of the users to a great extent.

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