Human resources or HR is the pillar of any business. While it takes the responsibility of hiring the perfect candidates, it also manages the human resources in the business. In the present era, every aspect of the business is getting automated. The same is the condition for HR. Various software has been launched to take over HR management in an automated way. This software uses artificial intelligence (AI) for providing the results.

AI has a very high scope of implementation in HR. By properly utilizing the AI software, the workload and manpower of the HR services can be reduced. It will undoubtedly boost the business and focus on the strategic work plan rather than the HR. Firstly, the Softwares mainly include a database management system (DBMS). It is an input and data retrieval system. The management of such software requires training as all these concepts are evolving and new techniques. The CBitss provides such HR training in Chandigarh. 

Before reaching out to the benefits offered by implementing AI in Human resources, let us discuss some features.

What is an Artificial Intelligence?

The major focus in today’s area is to make the business more automated and decrease the requirement of the workforce. AI is a vast concept and includes various technologies, from automatic drones to advanced DBMS.

Use of AI in Human Resources:

Human resources form the base of any business and involve the management of human resources. AI helps in the recruitment of efficient candidates. Moreover, it handles and secures the data more efficiently. It analyses the input and gives the output based on various calculations. Also, it maintains the performance of the employees and helps to select worthy individuals for promotion or bonuses.

Such software reduces the physical labor of HR employees. The focus can be made on developing other aspects of the business and ensuring overall improvement in the business. 

Features of Artificial Intelligence 

  1. Deep learning 

It is a machine learning technique that enables computers to decide based on the data recorded previously. It analyses and calculates different possibilities and presents the ideal answers to your problems.

2. Automatic Data Input

In a business firm, a large amount of data is being produced daily. Manually feeding all the data can be a tedious job for an employee and consume time. In such cases, AI-enabled devices do the hard work and reduce the workload over the employee. This is known as data ingestion.

Data ingestion means the transfer of data from the assorted sources to a storage platform.

3. Chatbots

These are the software that gives input-based outputs. The users can ask the questions in textual form. The chatbots incorporated with AI can also respond to audio inputs. This is the basic tool for the functioning of various voice assistants.

4. Cloud computing

An enormous amount of data is being generated all the time in a business firm. The AI also works within the cloud computing in the business to store this data and offer security. It enables efficient storage and data retrieval whenever required.

Benefits of AI in Human Resources 

1. Unbiased recruitment 

One of the basic jobs of an HR employee is to recruit the ideal candidates for the job. When a person conducts the interviews, there may be some unconscious bias ness. However, when selecting the candidates is done by the AI software, it is completely based on the performance mentioned in the applications. Therefore, worthy candidates get the job

2. Automation of tasks

HR department handles a lot of tasks. However, some small tasks such as feeding the inputs, onboarding processes, and finding solutions for the common request questions can take up a lot of time. By implementing AI for such tasks, the employees can save a lot of time and labor. AI automates such responses and gives quick feedback.

However, AI-based software are a new concept, and people need proper training. If you are looking for HR training in Chandigarhthen CBitss is one of the best course providers you can look for.

3. Decision support system 

A Decision support system (DSS) mainly consists of a database management system. A large amount of data can be stored, and outputs can be retrieved at any time. Using manual analysis for even small problems can procure a lot of time.

4. Chatbots 

As mentioned earlier, chatbots are very helpful in reducing the time taken by small tasks such as answering queries. Chatbots are software and use NLP (Natural language processing).

5. Actual focus over the improvement of business

From the above points, we can conclude that AI can reduce the workload on HR employees by over 50%. The AI-based software can handle low-value tasks. In addition, it can also give efficient and faster decisions by analyzing the inputs. This ensures to provide more time to complete another strategic work plan.


It is the window presenting the future of humankind. It will still require human intervention for efficient management. However, using such software will significantly reduce the need or workforce in the business areas. 

With everything getting automated, AI presents future opportunities. If used positively, we can expect a huge revolution in various areas, including implementing various IT tools and AI-based software.