IELTS test preparation tips

Are you doing the IELTS Test Preparation? Then you should read these tips all at once IELTS test preparation.

You know it’s a good thing, but if you do not know then that these 4 parts (Listening-Writing-Reading-Speaking) test is taken in IELTS.

IELTS Test Preparation Tips For Its All Parts :

IELTS Test Preparation Tips For Listening module:

In this, you have to listen carefully first, the ideas you have heard will have to be interpreted, here you will need full attention. You will hear the recording once and you will have to answer the question carefully and answer it.

First and foremost, you need to increase your familiarity with Spoken English to get the Listening Skill Improve, it is better to read and understand the passage better and understand it better. To hear the sound, you will have to deal with spoken English, spoken English By learning your pronunciation correctly, you will improve by learning the language like native speaker.

Your friendship with Spoken English depends on the exposure to it, the more correct pronunciation and accent you like native speaker, the more you will be familiar with Spoken English and your listening skills will improve.

Give more importance to learning the correct pronunciation, use the dictionary to improve the pronunciation.

It would be better for you to use the talking dictionary because it will be easy to learn the correct pronunciation of words and remember the maximum vocabulary, because if you do not know the meaning of words, and when you listen to the recording, then it cribs do not answer You will not be able to understand.

IELTS test preparation tips

To improve the Listening Skill, you have enough options like …

1. English Song

This will improve your listening skills, if you are a beginner now, it will be difficult for you to understand the word of song. But the time will be easier for you to understand this.

One of the best ways to learn this is that when you are listening to English song, then you can read the lyrics of the song, you can find lyrics of the song on the internet, listening to the English song, and reading along with its lyrics, not just your Spoken English will increase communication but your listening skills will also improve.

2. English Movies

Watching movies is very helpful in improving listening skills, listening to movie dialogues is a great way to improve listening skills. Quali movies look at you very carefully and interested and learn in an informal way.

3. English News

Tuning in to English News on regular routine additionally assumes an essential part in enhancing listening abilities, Newscaster will articulate each word unmistakably and effectively, tuning in to news will enhance your listening, listen daily to TV or radio, in the beginning you will It will be difficult to understand this but it will be easy for you to spend time ‘practice makes mans perfect’.

4. Mutual conversation in english

Discussions will help you improve your speaking and listening together, it will give you an opportunity to speak and listen in English, discuss different topics with your classmate and friends, this will benefit you very much.

IELTS Test Preparation Tips For Writing module:

Writing on event, topic, situation is an art and it can be developed from training and practice.

Writing skills depend on your creativity, inventiveness, style of expression, your own observation, your accuracy in grammar, selection and collection of ideas and right from the thoughts. If you are in Chandigarh & Searching IELTS coaching in Chandigarh then  English-pro is best Place to learn IELTS ..

Creativity means to create and organize new ideas above the subject and situation, in a nutshell to expand the facts in a nutshell. You will be given a subject and a situation which you may know somewhat, depending on your creativity power, The fact that you know and the thoughts that are coming in you How to use it, shape it, and how to properly write (write) on the paper, the relationship between creativity provides your observation power, the situation that provides the source of creativity, according to the observation of ideas and linked with the collection.

You will be given a topic and situation, which you will know somewhat, depending on your creativity power, the fact that you know the facts And what are the ideas within you, how to utilize it, shape it, and how to properly write it on paper. The relationship of creativity is your observation power, the situation that provides the source of creativity, according to the ideas Linked with overview and archive

Creativity is related to your observation power, the situation that provides the source of creativity, according to which it is linked with observation and collection.

It is very important to properly shape expression and style of expression for good writing skills, the style of expression is a good way of presenting your thoughts to your reader.

The reader should easily understand his ideas in such a way that the sentence should have a proper relation and continuity, what is the correct sequence of sentences like what to write first and what to write later, this skill should develop us, effective writing For the good style of expressing, the correct sequence of sentence is very important.

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List of IELTS test preparation tips :

The paragraph should have a special structure, the first line of the paragraph will hold the entire paragraph or center of the subject and further explain the central theme of the other. The first line of paragraph will start with a little space from the left of the page and the paragraph The second line of the page will start from the beginning and from the beginning, the paragraph will hold on the idea of ​​similar Ideas and similar Ideas, always remember this point before writing the paragraph.

The first line of the paragraph will start with a little space from the left of the page, And the second line of the paragraph will start from the left of the page and start from the beginning, the paragraph will hold on the same ideas and explanations of the same ideas, the combination, always remember this point before writing the paragraph.

Make a good outline for writing a detailed tool. When you are given a topic, try writing out the first outlines and brief notes, later to write a comprehensive essay, expand the outlines with more explanation.The quality of writing is not congenial, but it can be developed from training and practice. Try to write on a different topic. In the beginning, writing a simple essay would be a joke but the command to write different things will come.

Select one of the best topics in this topic and whatever you think about that topic in your mind, whatever you want, write it on the paper, your writing ends and then read it, then think again in this What to add so that it can improve further.

IELTS test preparation tips  For Reading module:

1. Practicing Similar Passages

There are many books which will have such passages for practice, you can also find it on the internet, you will have to read the passage and then answer the questions given below, which will be the book to be read, This kind of practice will help you greatly in the preparation of the test, it will also correct your attitude of reading your passage and answering questions, it will teach you how to read the passage and how to respond Sector O.

Read the maximum passage and practice its questions and answers in it, this is the best way to get success in reading module.

The best way to practice this is to read carefully the passages and try to answer it without seeing the correct answer to the questions given in it and check with it later, unless you prepare your own answers to the given questions. Do not look at the correct answer to it, it will tell you about your mistakes and you will get a chance to improve your mistakes.

Reading tips:

2. Effective Reading

Performance depends on how much you read text in your reading.

Reading means not just reading words but there is a purpose behind it, and that purpose is what the writer wants to explain to his reader, understanding that whole idea and sentence, will be called effective reading, effective reading will give you the right picture of the passage .

Most students have the habit of reading only Cursory, they only read the sentence, but what does it do to stop them from understanding the meaning, because of which they can not answer the questions right from Passage.You will have to adopt a effective reading method instead of cursory reading, and it will require your full attention, interest and concentration.

3.General Reading

To improve this skill, magazine, journals, newspaper, general books, good essays are a major contributor, it provides unofficial opportunities for the development of your reading and reading skills.

It does not necessarily require much attention in reading, but it is also true that you have to take full interest in it, due to this you will be able to read easily and quickly, the benefit of this reading is that you will not feel like that time After a long time you will realize its benefits.

IELTS test preparation tips  For Speaking module:

Speaking module will assess your English pronunciation, fluency, grammatical accuracy, meaning that you have to focus on the development of all these things.

There are many ways to improve the fluency, start talking on different topics of one way, select the topic and start talking about it, even if you are sitting alone in the room and there is no one to hear you there, Many people think of you sitting in front of you to listen to you, and you are giving your speech in front of them, talk about the topic as much as you can, your repeated doing this will improve your fluency. .

Another way to improve your fluency is to take part in an English discussion with your friends, if you are a student, it is very easy for you to participate in the discussion on some topics.

A common problem that prevents you from communicating in English, and he does not talk in shyness, mostly in English-speaking, because he has a rate that he will do some mistakes and people will criticize him. Abandon shyness and begin to speak. The person who learns by making mistakes, you will not be able to teach anything without fault.

The correct pronunciation of words is very important. To learn the correct pronunciation, you can take help of the dictionary. You can use the spoken dictionary. It is possible that you can learn not only by reading but also by listening, seeing and hearing daily English news. It can also be a poem.

Speaking in your grammar is also very important part, and it will be developed only by practice, in speaking you will have less time for writing and thinking than writing.

By speaking in English and by taking into account the importance of grammar at that time you can get the command over it.

In this module of IELTS you will be asked about yourself, family background, interests, hobbies, introduce yourself in part 1, how you should introduce yourself and answer the other questions.


In Part 2, you have to speak above the subject, and you will be given 1 minute to prepare for it, create outlines or notes about the topic, which will help you to speak in detail in the given topic, it will also help you in part 3 will help you discuss the issues related to part 2 of them. Read more at –  6 Most Occurring Mistakes in IELTS Writing Task.

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