Basic Computer skills for a decent job profileBasic Computer skills that are needed for a decent job profile.

Shortly, we will all be working in a paperless office environment. When applying for the same position, people proficient with computers have an advantage over those who aren’t. Simple computer applications aren’t difficult to learn and use as a side benefit. Workdays will become considerably more productive once you get to know the software by enrolling yourself in Computer classes in Chandigarh.

The Basic Computer Skills You Need to Get a Job

Employers in a wide range of industries value these computer abilities.

Basic Computer Skills

If you want to land a job, you’ll need a particular set of talents that will help you land a promotion. Having a wide range of abilities on your CV will help you land a new job.

  • Basic Computer and Mobile Device Skills
  • Knowledge of Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software Skills

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word is a program that almost everyone is familiar with. However, those who can perform mail merges, edit macro scripts, prepare documents, and perform other complex tasks are highly demanded. You can get certified in Microsoft Office, strengthening your résumé and marketing to employers.

• Microsoft Office Skills Checklist


It is commonplace in job descriptions to ask for experience using spreadsheet software, particularly Microsoft Excel. There is an excellent need for candidates who can design sophisticated macros for organizing spreadsheet data.


Workers who want to give dynamic presentations or develop materials for their supervisors and coworkers need to know PowerPoint. An attractive example of a presentation slide can often provide a job prospect an advantage in the interviewing process.

Microsoft Access

In today’s data-driven industry, job searchers who can organize and manage data using tools like Microsoft Access are at a distinct advantage.


For those who use email in their personal and professional lives, enhanced features like Microsoft Outlook can help boost productivity.

Basic Troubleshooting Skills

A fantastic computer talent to have is basic troubleshooting abilities. There’s nothing worse than being unable to solve a problem. If your computer or a product you’re using has severe pain, you’ll need to seek aid from someone else. However, if you’re having a minor issue, finding the answer and fixing it yourself will save you time and money.

Use the help and troubleshooting sections of the application or go online to see if you can locate an answer quickly. The IT department may not be able to help you if they’re swamped, so it’s crucial that you can take the initiative and work things out on your own rather than waiting for them!

Fast and Accurate Typing

Typing swiftly and accurately is a highly sought-after computer ability that will never go out of style. As a result, it’s worthwhile to spend some time on your writing talents to impress your future employer. Being a fast typist is a highly sought-after skill, whether it’s responding to angry emails or writing documents in minutes. To avoid wasting time going back and fixing mistakes, you must ensure that your writing abilities are exact and speedy.


You must also have the professional proofreading skills needed to ensure that your writing is error-free and that you can give your report the expert’s eye. Being a skilled proofreader requires being able to proofread both on paper and on the computer screen to guarantee that you catch problems no matter where you are working. For more thorough proofreading, you should be familiar with your writing program’s built-in spell and grammar checker and third-party programs like Grammarly.


Learning computer courses in Chandigarh is a process that lasts a lifetime. And in this day and age, technology-focused education is critical for everyone. If you maintain your abilities up to date, you’ll have a better chance of finding your ideal job by joining the Computer software training institute in Chandigarh.