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Advanced Excel training in Chandigarh

This course covers:

  • Using advanced graphs and presentation techniques to maximize impact.
  • How macros and VBA automate your spreadsheets and increase interactivity.
  • How superpower functions can solve complex problems.
  • Using PivotTables and PowerPivots to turn raw data into clear information that supports key decisions.

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Syllabus for Advanced Excel Training in Chandigarh:

Unit 1:- Using Mathematical Functions

  • The Basic SUM, COUNT, MIN, And MAX
  • SUMIF For Selective Adding Up
  • COUNTIF For Selective Counting
  • AVERAGE IF For The Mean Of Selected Cells
  • Multiple Criteria Within SUMIF, COUNTIF, And AVERAGEIF
  • Area And Volume Calculations

Unit 4:- Sparklines

  • Creating A Sparkline
  • Altering The Design Of Sparklines
  • Dealing With Empty Cells
  • Comparing Sparklines Within A Sparkline Group
  • Removing Sparklines From A Worksheet

Unit 5:- Further Mathematical Functions

  • Working With Time In Excel
  • Calculations Using Time
  • Useful Time And Date Functions
  • Rounding Decimal Places
  • MOD And INT Functions And Uses
  • Generate And Use A Random Number
  • Loan And Investment Calculations
  • Loan Calculation Elements And Functions

Unit 8:- Custom Views

  • Custom Views Explained
  • Use Of Outlining To Help Setup Custom Views
  • Editing And Deleting Custom Views
  • Add Quick Access To Custom Views

Unit 10:- Arrays

  • Arrays And Creating A New Array Formula
  • Array Formulas With IF Statements
  • Conditional Evaluation With No IFs
  • The Array-Only TRANSPOSE Function

Unit 11:- Useful Data Functions

  • Using The MATCH Function
  • How The INDEX Function Works
  • Handling Out Of Range Index Requests
  • The CHOOSE Lookup Function
  • MATCH And INDEX Functions Working Together

Unit 13:- Auditing & Troubleshooting Formulas

  • What Are Tracer Arrows
  • Adding And Removing Tracer Arrows
  • Auditing Tools: Error Checking And Tracing
  • Step-By-Step Formula Processing
  • Using The Watch Window In Troubleshooting

Unit 2:-IF Functionality

  • IF Syntax And Uses
  • Nesting The IF Statement
  • Use Of The AND Operator Within An IF
  • Use Of The OR Operator Within An IF
  • The NOT Operator Within AND And OR Statements
  • Display Cell Formulas In Another Cell

Unit 3:- Performing Data Lookups

  • VLOOKUP: Syntax And Usage
  • VLOOKUP In Live Action
  • HLOOKUP: Variation On A Theme
  • Using A Near Match In The Lookup
  • Dealing With Missing Data In A Lookup
  • Managing The Lookup Table
  • Lookups Nested Within Lookups

Unit 6:- Custom Views

  • Custom Views Explained
  • Use Of Outlining To Help Setup Custom Views
  • Editing And Deleting Custom Views
  • Add Quick Access To Custom Views

Unit 7:- Scenarios

  • Setting Up A Set Of Scenarios
  • Displaying And Editing The Different Scenarios
  • How To Work Out Which Scenario You Are Displaying
  • Merging And Deleting Scenarios
  • Producing A Summary Of Scenarios

Unit 9:- Functions For Manipulating Text

  • LEFT And RIGHT: Text Manipulation
  • LEN And TRIM: String Extractions
  • FIND And MID: Text Functions Working Together
  • CONCATENATE: Building Strings From Multiple Cells
  • Changing Case Functions
  • REPLACE And SUBSTITUTE: Two More String Manipulation Functions
  • Use Of CHAR Function For More Obscure Characters
  • Formatting Numeric And Date Values Using TEXT
  • Keeping The Values Created By String Manipulation

Unit 12:- Some Other Useful Functions

  • Introducing Is Functions
  • Error Checking Using ISERR, ISERROR, And IFERROR
  • OFFSET Function Syntax
  • OFFSET Function: Creating A Dynamic Named Range
  • INDIRECT Function To Build Dynamic Formulas
  • Dealing With INDIRECT Errors
  • The CELL Function And Determining File Or Sheet Names

Unit 14:- PivotTables

  • What Is A PivotTable?
  • The New Recommended PivotTable Route
  • Creating Your Own PivotTables
  • Changing The Formatting And Formulas In Pivot Table Summaries
  • Creating Multiple Pivot Tables On The Same Dataset

After completion of Advanced excel training in Chandigarh, you will master :

  • To take your basic Excel skills to the next level.
  • To gain a solid understanding of the more powerful features and functions in Excel.
  • Gaining Insights from vast array of data with ease.
  • Making powerful dashboards.
  • Analysing data like a professional.
  • Understanding shortcut techniques for faster and efficient use of Excel.
  • To be able to use Microsoft Excel in a commercial environment.

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